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Atakra Productions was created in 1987 to promote artistic chaos and radical viewpoints across the world. We work with the production, promotion, and distribution of Bands, Music, Pranks, Digital Audio/Video, and the spread of Disinformation against the conformists who oppress our viewpoints. Make Contact.

The Womentors, October 26th, 2006

Nothing but fun since December 15th, 1997

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Guns Leper Sex Killer On The Loose Le Tigre The Lewd Lightening Seeds Limp Wrist Litmus Green Lo-Fi Neisans The Load Levelers Long Beach Dub All Stars Lost Goat The Loudmouths Lower Class Brats Luckie Strike Luck of the Draw Ludicra Lunachicks Manic Hispanic Marilyn Manson Mecca Normal Me First Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies Me Infecto Melt Banana The Melvins Tammy Faye Mesner The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Millhous Molotov Cocktail Monstrawtikuss Frankenstienikuss Mudhoney Mutilated Mannequins Mykee Hates Life My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Nebula The Need Negative Format Neil Hamburger Neither/Neither World Neurosis New Collapse New Kids on the Block NoFX Noothgrush Noxious Emotion Gary Numan October Allied One Man Army Oppressed Logic The Oozzies Oxymoron Ozma Pansy Division Pappa Roach P.B.R. Street Gang Penis Flytrap Peter & The Test Tube Babies Phantom Limbs Phenomenauts Phoenix Thunderstone PIG Pinhead Circus Pistol Grip Pitch Black Pissing Razors Pleaseeasaur Pleasure Forever Poison Girls Polkacide Portrait of Poverty Positively Negative Professional Murder Music Project Pitchfork Psychedelic Furs Psywarfare Quick To Blame Radio Vago Radio Werewolf Reducers SF The Resineators Boyd Rice Riot Gun R.K.L. 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Tsunami Bomb The Tubes Turbonegro Unicorn Stickers The Units Unseen The Vanishing Velvet Acid Christ Victim's Family Visitor 42 VNV Nation The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black Von Steins W.A.S.P. Watch Them Die What Happens Next? Rozz Williams The Weegs Weezer White Trash Debutantes Will Haven XPQ-21 Zeni Geva Zodiac Killers ZOZOBRA